Death Stranding has been shrouded in mystery. Since the moment it was announced the particulars of its gameplay have been unclear and, unsurprisingly, this has become the focal point of the discussion around it. As we inch closer to the game’s PS4 release, director Hideo Kojima has been pulling back the curtain on mechanics that underpin the experience and talking about the concepts that have inspired it, providing a little more clarity on what Death Stranding is.

Perhaps the most enlightening source of information has been the recent round of interviews, including GameSpot’s very own interview with Hideo Kojima. In this interview, the auteur game developer discusses his hopes for what he’s calling “Strand Games.” After interviewing Kojima, Peter sat down with Kallie and Tamoor to discuss the mystique of Death Stranding, how the community has reacted to it, and whether there’s actually a benefit to not knowing.

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