A driver in Washington State took his Pokemon Go obsession a bit further than usual. Sgt. Kyle Smith of the Washington State Patrol discovered a driver pulled over to the side of the road playing the mobile game on eight phones at once.

Fellow trooper Rick Johnson tweeted about the incident, including a look at a blue foam board that had been cut to hold all the phones at once. Johnson clarified in later tweets that the driver was not spotted actually playing Pokemon Go while driving, and so the officer simply reminded him not to pull over to the shoulder unless an emergency requires it. Still, it’s hard to imagine how the driver could have noticed any monsters worth pulling over for without at least glancing at his surprisingly complex phone array.

Pokemon Go exploded in popularity when it was first released in 2016, raising safety concerns for children playing or distracted drivers. Niantic has long since implemented a feature that disables the game if it detects you’re moving too fast to be walking, but that can be overridden by telling the game you’re a passenger in a car.

For those of you still playing Pokemon Go and doing it responsibly, the game has lots of ongoing events and features to take part in right now. A Suicune raid will be taking place over the weekend, and the game has outlined plans for its September Community Day. Or you can just relax and evolve some Eevees.

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