Ben Irving, the lead producer on BioWare’s action-RPG Anthem, has announced he’s leaving the company. In a statement on Twitter, Irving said that he has accepted a position with another company and that the game still has a “bright future” under current leadership.

In his series of tweets, Irving says BioWare was “the dream place” since the first time he played Baldur’s Gate. He thanks the community for being so engaged “through the good times and the tough times,” and says they’re in good hands with Jesse Anderson and Andrew Johnson. It’s unclear, from his statement, who will be filling the lead producer role for future Anthem updates.

Irving has been with BioWare since 2011, serving a variety of roles including lead development director for The Old Republic franchise and the lead producer on Star Wars: The Old Republic. Anthem struggled with a rocky launch, and recently launched its anticipated Cataclysm update.

GameSpot has reached out to EA for comment.

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