When it comes to San Diego Comic-Con, there is a ton to see and do at the show, but the fans spending all that money to visit the biggest pop culture convention of the year probably want to take some things home with them. Luckily, there are plenty of exclusive toys to take home from Funko Pops to action figures from Hasbro, Mattel, and more. And speaking of Hasbro, it’s just revealed a really cool SDCC exclusive based on Overwatch, along with a figure headed to retailer GameStop

First is the Overwatch Ultimates Series 6-Inch Reinhardt Figure with the Bundeswehr Skin. The 6-inch figure looks massive, as the latest addition to the Overwatch Ultimates Series–which also included Reinhardt with his normal skin. Check the exclusive figure out below.

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The figure includes six accessories, and you can get the Comic-Con exclusive figure at the Hasbro Booth (#3329) for $60. There are limited quantities for this item though. If you’re not attending SDCC this year, there is a chance you may be able to get it. The Overwatch figure may be available at select conventions and online retailers after the show, depending on the supply.

That’s not the only Overwatch item Hasbro is announcing today. Coming exclusively to GameStop is the Soldier 76 Blaster and Targeting Visor. Modeled after the weapon as seen in the game, the motorized blaster fires 30 rounds at 90 feet per second. Check it out below.

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This blaster and visor will run $131 when it arrives this fall. The set comes with the blaster, the visor, and 30 Nerf rounds. It has electronic lights on the blaster, and there is recoil action as you operate it. However, you may want to pick up some batteries, as this puppy requires six D batteries. We’re discussed both Overwatch and Fortnite Nerf blasters in the past, and the company does a great job at bringing these gaming weapons to life. The Soldier 76 Nerf blaster won’t be available until this fall, but you can pre-order the item now.

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