Every week, you can watch new movies on Netflix and other streaming services; however, the new content being released isn’t new if it’s not an original series. If you want to watch a new movie from the comfort of your own home, you have to buy them through a digital market or at a brick and motor store. This week, there are a few big releases you may want to check out for yourself.

While it’s true we live in an age where everything gets remade, sometimes, those remakes are better than the original, and that’s just the case for 2019’s Pet Sematary. Based on the Stephen King book of the same name, the movie follows a family from Boston who moves to Maine, and they find a ancient cemetery in the woods. Said cemetery has some supernatural elements to it, and from there, horror. In the review of the movie, GameSpot’s Rafael Motamayor said, “In an age where every film is getting a remake or a reboot, Pet Sematary might actually be better than the original. It’s terrifying, twisted, heartbreaking, morbidly funny, and a hell of a fun time.” You’ll find a link to buy it digitally below. A physical release is still a few weeks away.

Additionally, Dumbo gets a physical release this week. It was a fine movie, but not something you need to rush out and grab. However, the special features on the home release are pretty solid. There are deleted scenes, a blooper reel, a “making of” featurette, and an Easter eggs feature as well, giving some great insight into all the planning of this movie.

Below, you’ll find a highlighted lighted list of everything coming out this week.



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