Judgment, known in Japan as Judge Eyes: Shinigami no Yuigon, is an investigative action game developed by the Ryu ga Gotoku Studio were the player controls a former defense lawyer turned detective named Takayuki Yagami who is trying to solve the mystery behind a string of recent murders. The game takes place in modern-day Tokyo and features both investigative gameplay, such as collecting clues and following suspects, as well as brawling combat similar to the Yakuza series. Sega published Judgment in Japan on December 13, 2018 with a Western release to follow in Summer 2019.


Similarly to the two prior released Yakuza titles by Ryu ga Gotoku Studios (Kiwami 2 & Yakuza 6) Judgment runs on the Dragon Engine and utilizes the same combat mechanics and physics of said games. The combat plays slightly different, as you are now playing as a slender young detective, who specializes in martial arts type of fighting as opposed to the more brute force based street brawler tactics of Kazuma Kiryu. Yagami’s heavy usage of kicks bears resemblance to that of Shun Akiyama, and Goro Majima, and like the latter he has different styles he can switch between.

The crowd control based Crane style

One called “Crane Style” that emits a blue aura, which is a fighting stance that generally serves as crowd control, to deal with many enemies at once, and another called “Tiger Style” that emits a red aura, this style emphasizes on one-on-one moves. In addition to this, Yagami also has his own arsenal of Heat Actions, called “EX Actions” in this game.

When he is not beating up the local street thugs, he’ll find himself having to do some proper detective work. This involves stalking suspects around the streets of Kamurocho, similar to that of Act 3 in Metal Gear Solid 4, and investigating crime scenes in vein of the Batman Arkham Games. Sometimes he’ll do this while wearing a disguise too.

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