Detective Pikachu released to critical and popular acclaim on May 10–the box office hit is already slated for a sequel–and now the first live-action Pokemon film is gearing up for its next release in digital, DVD, Blu-Ray, and UHD/4K formats. While we don’t have an exact release date for the film on physical and digital media, it’s likely the physical version will release sometime in August 2019, with the digital version becoming available a few weeks beforehand, based on precedent. Pre-orders are now up at several retailers, so it’s a safe assumption Pokemon fans won’t have to wait much longer to own the animated film starring Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu.

In GameSpot’s Detective Pikachu review, entertainment editor Michael Rougeau was impressed by how well the world of Pokemon translated into a live-action film. “Detective Pikachu should prove enjoyable for any and all Pokemon fans, young or old,” he wrote. “It presents fun answers to the fantasy of what life would be like if Pokemon were real. It introduces new wrinkles to the world of Pokemon, although not all of them completely work. Still, as the first official live-action trip to the world of Pokemon, Detective Pikachu presents characters I want to see again and a setting I’d like to return to.”

No special features have yet been announced for Detective Pikachu’s home release, but we do know a steelbook version will be available, as it’s already open for pre-order at Best Buy. An image of the Blu-ray cover does list something called “Detective Mode” as being included, but there’s no word on what that entails. As soon as all those details are revealed, we’ll include that info here, but if you already know you need this film in your collection, read on for where to pre-order.

Pre-Order Detective Pikachu

You have a few different options for pre-ordering the film, ranging from a digital-only format to a collectible steelbook containing digital, DVD, Blu-ray, and UHD / 4K Blu-ray formats.

Digital-only — $20

DVD — $20

Blu-ray + Digital — $25

UHD/4K Blu-ray + Digital — $30

Steelbook — $35

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