Blockbuster director JJ Abrams is teaming up with Marvel, but not for the next phase of the cinematic universe. This time he’s writing a comic book with his son, Henry, with art from Sara Pichelli and Dave Stewart. The five-part mini-series will begin in September.

The two Abrams introduced the project with a short message on Twitter, after a countdown that has had fans guessing over the last few days. Though plot details are scant, they say this series will introduce a new villain called Cadaverous, and they told The New York Times this story will show “Peter Parker in a way you haven’t seen him before.”

Pichelli is a long-time Marvel artist with a lot of experience with Spider-Man, having illustrated Miles Morales in the Ultimate universe, the Spider-Men story arc, and more. JJ Abrams compared seeing her work to the experience of getting concept art during movie production.

“You have an idea for what Maz Kanata’s castle will look like [in Star Wars: The Force Awakens]. It’s theory for months and months, and then you go through phases and design. Then one day you walk onto the set and you’re standing there. You might not be shooting, but you’re just standing on the set,” he told the NYT. “And to get Sara’s artwork, the black and white early renderings, to get those, it’s weird because you’re suddenly looking at a brilliant artist’s interpretation of work that you’ve been talking about for a long time.”

Whatever this story arc will include, it’s being pitched as a limited run, so presumably it will be a self-contained story instead of an ongoing series. Though the new villain, Cadaverous, could very well be adopted into the larger Marvel universe.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you may be able to see a little more Spider-Man in the extra post-credits footage being added to Avengers: Endgame starting on June 28.

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