Fortnite Season 9 is now in its seventh week, which means there are new Battle Stars to be earned. To do this you’ll need to complete the latest set of weekly challenges, which will score you those precious stars, level up your Battle Pass, and unlock some new cosmetic rewards. As always, challenges are split into two categories: free and paid Battle Pass-exclusive. Let’s break them down.

For the most part, the week’s challenges shouldn’t prove to be too difficult, though they might take a bit of time to complete. The free set tasks players with searching chests at specific locations, finding ammo boxes in a bunch of different names locations, and scoring eliminations using suppressed weapons.

For those with a paid Battle Pass there are a few more challenges to undertake. These include doing damage while riding a vehicle, visiting a number of locations as part of a multi-stage challenge, using a chest, a vending machine, and a campfire, and then nailing some enemy eliminations from a certain range. Take a look below for the full list.


  • Search chests at Junk Junction or Neo Tilted (7) — 5 Battle Star
  • Search ammo boxes in different named locations (7) — 5 Battle Stars
  • Suppressed weapon eliminations (3) — 10 Battle Stars


  • Deal damage to opponents while riding a vehicle (200) — 10 Battle Star
  • Stage 1: Visit The Block and Loot Lake in a single match (1) — 5 Battle Stars
    • Stage 2: Visit Fatal Fields and Neo Tilted in a single match (3) — 2 Battle Stars
    • Visit Snobby Shores and Mega Mall in a single match (4) — 2 Battle Stars
  • Search a chest, use a vending machine, and a campfire in a single match (1) — 10 Battle Stars
  • Eliminations from 5m or less (3) — 10 Battle Stars

Fortnite’s new update, 9.30, added a new item called the Chug Splash, which is a throwable that lets you heal yourself and other players. Anyone in range of the explosion will have 20 points of health or shield returned to them. The patch also vaulted the Boom Bow, Dual Pistols, and Dynamite. You can read the full Fortnite update 9.30 patch notes to get a complete overview of what’s been tweaked, changed, or added.

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