Warning! Full SPOILERS follow for Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 3.

In Season 2 of Marvel’s Jessica Jones, Trish Walker (Rachael Taylor) went through the biggest transformation of any character after her near-fatal surgery with Dr. Malus. Trish acquired cat-like reflexes, which we saw a glimpse of in the Season 2 finale, “AKA Playland.”

Now, in Season 3, Trish is taking the crime-fighting business pretty seriously as she edges closer to adopting the mantle of her comic-book namesake, Hellcat. In episode 2, titled “AKA You’re Welcome,” Trish is recognized by an onlooker for her radio host persona. And unlike Jessica, who doesn’t care if people see her face, Trish needs to find a costume in order to hide her identity. Below, you can scroll through the gallery to see all the costumes Trish tries out – one of them is a classic!

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