Sky: Children of Light, the spiritual successor to the critically acclaimed PlayStation exclusive Journey, finally has an official release date, coming to iOS on July 11. Developer thatgamecompany confirmed the news in a trailer released at E3 and the game is now available for pre-order via the App Store. It will be coming to Android, macOS, tvOS, PC and console at a later date.

Described as a “social adventure”, you play as one of the Children of Light tasked with restoring a fallen kingdom above the clouds to its former glory, by bringing light to its world of darkness. This involves exploring the seven realms and solving puzzles, often teaming up with other players. In Journey, encountering someone else in your world was a pleasant distraction; in Sky, interacting with other players is core to the experience, to solve problems and unlock new areas. Player interaction is through in-game gestures, which you can customise along with your character.

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