The E3 2019 Nintendo Direct happened on Tuesday, and among the many announcements was the surprise that the first three games in the Secret Of Mana series, brought together in Collection of Mana, would be available for Nintendo Switch starting right after the Direct–it’s out now on the Eshop. The trilogy comprises the three games known as Seiken Densetsu 1, 2, and 3 in Japan, and Final Fantasy Adventure on Game Boy, Secret of Mana on SNES, and what’s now known as Trials of Mana, also for SNES, but one that never saw an official Western release. You can see the trailer above.

This trilogy of games was released in Japan back in June 2017. It features the ability to save at any point in time, and a selection of different screen sizes and color modes (for Final Fantasy Adventure). The game also supports for multiplayer co-op where available–Secret of Mana supports up to three players, and Trials of Mana supports two.

The Mana games were considered to be innovative RPGs the time of their release because of, among other things, their real-time combat system. Secret of Mana received a 3D remake in 2018, though GameSpot reviewer Justin Clark remarked that “altogether, the new Secret of Mana exists in a weird nexus of being a forward-thinking RPG that occasionally shows its age, or a very modern RPG with some baffling design decisions and sub-standard A.I.”

The release of Collection of Mana is significant, however, because as mentioned previously Seiken Densetsu 3 never saw an official Western release. First released in 1995, the game allows you to choose from one of six different protagonists, each with their own abilities and origin story, and then pick and choose your party of three from the remaining roster.

Collection of Mana wasn’t the only big Mana-related announcement Nintendo made today, as the company also revealed that Trials of Mana would also be getting a full HD remake, would be coming to Nintendo Switch in early 2020. For more on the news and announcements that came out of the E3 2019 Nintendo Direct, be sure to check out our recap.

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