Nintendo revealed a ton of new trailers during its E3 2019 Direct presentation, including one for Astral Chain, the upcoming Switch exclusive by Bayonetta developer Platinum Games. The video offered another glimpse of the game in action with some over-the-top combat and boss fights.

In Astral Chain, you play as one of two special forces soldiers who partner with a living, robotic weapon called Legion for combat and solving puzzles. While swords and fists flew, dialogue from various characters played alluding the melodrama of the Astral Chain’s plot. We also learned that there will be some kind of enemy capturing mechanic that allows you to take advantage of their abilities to help dispatch other foes.

Astral Chain is the latest game from renowned developer, Platinum Games, who is most known for Bayonetta, Nier Automata, and more. The game is set to launch for Nintendo Switch on August 30, 2019.

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