Square Enix kicked off its E3 2019 press conference with a long, extended look at the highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake. The developer shared two new videos for the game. The first served as a sort of gameplay demonstration, showing off the revamped real-time battle system.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake touts a new Active Time Battle system, with swappable party members and a Tactical mode with a slowdown mechanic. As you land attacks, you’ll fill your ATB meter; once full, you can enter the aforementioned Tactical mode, slowing down enemies and allowing you to choose actions from a command menu, including using items and casting spells.

The second trailer, which you can watch above, was an extended version of the one first shown during the Final Fantasy concert on June 9. The extended version gave us our first look at Tifa, who will be a playable character alongside Aries and Barret. You’ll be able to swap to other party members with the press of a button, and they’ll continue fighting on their own when you’re not in control of them.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake launches for PS4 on March 3, 2020. Square Enix says the game will span two Blu-ray discs and “expands” on the story of Midgar. The company is also releasing an extravagant Collector’s edition of Final Fantasy VII Remake through its online store. It runs for a whopping $330 USD and includes a steelbook case, art book, mini-soundtrack CD, and a Play Arts Kai Cloud Strife and Hardy Daytona statue, plus some digital items.

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