Square Enix’s E3 2019 press conference was full of Final Fantasy news. New details on the Final Fantasy VII Remake, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered, Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, and of course, their popular MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV. Director and producer Naoki Yoshida took the stage to talk about the game’s third expansion pack, Shadowbringers, which will release on July the 2nd.

Yoshida took his time in the spotlight to thank all the players who had helped the game reach its highest number of active subscribers in history. Speaking to the Shadowbringers expansion pack, he said that “we view (it) as more than a simple expansion pack”, touting that the volume of gameplay experiences could make up an entire standalone RPG.

He also made a point to mention that there were a lot of new elements to come in the expansion, including two new classes–the Gunbreaker and Dancer–as well as two new races–the rabbit-like Viera and the beastly Hrothgard.

Yoshida asked players to be excited about Shadowbringers as the latest in the Final Fantasy series, at least until March 3rd, 2020, when Final Fantasy VII Remake is slated to release. A launch trailer for the game was then shown, which you can watch above.

Final Fantasy wasn’t the only topic discussed in Square Enix’s press conference. We also heard a bit more about the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers game, as well as Outriders, a new game from Gears Of Wars: Judgement studio People Can Fly.

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