During the company’s press conference, Ubisoft followed its gameplay reveal of Watch Dogs Legion, with a new trailer for Rainbow Six Siege Year 4: Phantom Sight. The new expansion adds two new Operators to the game, one of which is the focus of the new trailer.

The trailer depicts Warden coming in clutch for his team and killing every enemy Operator on his own. Warden is a Secret Service agent who joins Team Rainbow as a defensive specialist. Able to see through smoke with his unique assortment of tech, Warden can easily sneak up on Attackers and dispose of them before they even see them.

Warden will be coming to Rainbow Six Siege in the Phantom Sight expansion alongside Nokk, a hooded Attacker who can hide her presence with stealth technology. Her ability is scarily similar to what the Predator can do, going nearly invisible save for a telltale shimmer.

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