The gonzo animated comedy series Rick and Morty has finally announced a release window for its fourth season. In a brief Twitter announcement, the duo themselves announced Season 4 will premiere in November 2019. Though they sound a little unsure about which year it actually is, currently. A specific day was not confirmed, but you can check out the announcement video above.

We had previously heard about the Season 4 renewal, alongside word that the show will be getting a whopping 70 more episodes. Each season so far has been 10 episodes, so the order for 70 more could mean a full seven additional seasons, although that structure has not been confirmed. Regardless, we’re essentially assured we have years and years of Rick and Morty ahead of us.

It’s been a notoriously long wait for each new Rick and Morty season; Season 1 aired from 2013-14, while the most recent episode–the last of Season 3–came in October 2017. Getting through all 70 confirmed episodes won’t take decades to complete, though, because the creators have committed to reducing the wait time between seasons. So far each season has been roughly two years apart, and now the wait between fresh episodes should be significantly reduced.

“I think we’ll be able to move a little quicker,” co-creator Justin Roiland told GameSpot last year. “We’re not going to have these big, long gaps between seasons. We’re going to just keep the machine going and schedule staggering vacations for people so we don’t burn out. It’s going to just be a perpetual production, which is exciting.”

If you’re still catching up on the show, or are already a die-hard fan, be sure to check out our collection of in-depth Rick and Morty breakdowns.

This news regarding Rick and Morty was just one of numerous announcements coming from the WarnerMedia 2019 Upfronts. Another big piece of news was that TNT is getting back into the wrestling business, as it will be the home for the upstart AEW. Like Season 4, AEW’s weekly show will debut later this year.

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