Respawn has put out a warning that there’s a pretty serious bug in Apex Legends right now. It’s tied to the battle royale title’s latest update, patch 1.1–which is live now–and it deletes your in-game progress. Meanwhile, the game’s servers appear to be down at the time of this writing.

To stave off the bug, Respawn wrote a quick post on Reddit advising all players to “not buy or craft anything” until the issue is resolved. The post did not list any specific platform, so it’s implied the bug is affecting all versions of Apex Legends on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. There’s no time table for how long it will be before this is fixed, or if impacted players will be able to recover their lost progression

It also seems like players can no longer log in to Apex Legends’ servers either, regardless of platform. Specifically, players are getting an error stating “no servers found.” It’s possible that the servers have been deliberately shut down in order to stop players from logging in and losing their progress. However, Respawn has not issued an official statement in regards to the server shutdown.

The update in question, Patch 1.1, is (ironically enough) a quality-of-life patch for Apex Legends. Patch 1.1 adds a feature that allows you to invite the squadmates you just played with to join you in a party. So if there’s ever a random teammate you meet online that you want to play with again, you can easily find them. The update also implements a mute button on Apex Legends’ intro and character select screens, and creates an option to report players for cheating or “Other.” Octane’s jump pads no longer affect Wraith while she’s using her Into the Void ability as well.

Patch 1.1 implements a few bug fixes too. The three of them are outlined below. If you’re curious, Respawn has posted the full patch notes for Apex Legends’ latest update on Reddit.

Apex Legends Patch 1.1 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where the Battle Pass rewards page would not have a default item selected, resulting in a mostly blank page.
  • Fixed bug for PS4 and Xbox One where sometimes attempting to use a keyboard to chat could cause a fatal script error.
  • Fixed bug with Banner Cards not showing up during and at the end of a match.

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