The past few weeks have seen Gearbox Software tease multiple new game announcements for PAX East, starting with one that very conspicuously looked like Borderlands and had a “3” attached. Just before the show kicks off, the studio has released a teaser for a Borderlands project, widely presumed to be for Borderlands 3. The big day is finally here, and you can watch the developer’s panel live streamed–here are all the details.

The PAX East panel takes place today, March 28, at 2 PM ET; you can see the list below for the start time in your local time zone. We’ll be bringing you all the big news from the panel, but if you want to watch it all unfold live, set your alarm and come right back here at showtime to watch the stream. It’ll also be available on Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer.

Gearbox PAX East Panel Start Time

  • 11 AM PT
  • 2 PM ET
  • 6 PM GMT
  • 5 AM AET on March 29

The series of teases from Gearbox has often explicitly mentioned announcements coming at PAX East. Some have been clear references to Borderlands, while others have been more vague. Still others, like a tweet simply showing a malfunctioning umbrella, are either extremely metaphorical or the marketing team is pulling our collective legs.

The Borderlands teaser trailer does seem to drop the first real clues for what could be Borderlands 3. It shows off several characters who could be new Vault Hunter designs or villains, for one thing. The opening scene of Psychos appearing to worship a gun-wielding character, standing next to an angelic figure holding an upside-down Vault symbol, could suggest a direction for the story. We’ve known for quite a while that a new Borderlands game has been in development, so the time seems right to finally reveal it. We’ll know for sure soon enough.

Bear in mind that Gearbox is not exclusively a developer of Borderlands; it was also responsible for Brothers in Arms and obtained the rights to Duke Nukem and Homeworld. In 2016, it released Battleborn, which was a sort of hybrid character-based shooter/MOBA game that ultimately did not perform well, though that doesn’t mean Gearbox is necessarily done with the series.

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