Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight and I, @zombiepie, am once again honored to be your host this week. With PAX East 2019 right around the corner, staff members and users are preparing for what can only be described as an onslaught of crazy good fun! Giant Bomb will have its usual panel and this year marks the stunning return of the #PAXRUMBLE at PAX East! So, please keep in mind as we transition into a new week, that new content on the site might not be coming out at the rate you may be familiar with at this point. Regardless, let’s jump into the site-related housekeeping!

  • Rorie is hosting another UPF Giveaway and this one has a copy of the CNET Magazine with Giant Bomb’s one-page advertisement! This giveaway is definitely approved by Rich Gallup! Use the link to be entered in the raffle!
  • For those of you getting excited about PAX East 2019, The Improvised Postmortem is the first must see panel as it includes Dave Lang, Abby, Jeff, Pat Baer, and many other wonderful personalities!
  • The latest episode of the Giant Devcast released last week, and it discusses how the site engineering and development team have factored community input into the new site.
  • Speaking of the CBSi Dev Team, Dan Auer is soliciting Giant Bomb merchandise ideas on Twitter. Try to keep your ideas realistic.
  • Finally, Giant Bomb now has a Premium Free Trial program! However, with a majority of the Giant Bomb team off preparing for PAX East, maybe wait another week before using your free trial!
I can only imagine what Giant Bomb’s Better Business Bureau rating would be right now.

Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run IX Announcement Thread

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The Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run IX (By: @thatpinguino)

Hey everyone, it’s time for Giant Bomb’s spring-time community charity fundraiser, the Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run! Use the link above and read what the early plans are for the event. Also, there’s still time for you to join the fun!

13 Hours Of Misery: I’m Playing Final Fantasy XIII-2 For Thirteen Hours Straight… But This Time FOR CHARITY! (By: @zombiepie)

Moderator ZombiePie is joining the Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run! Their plan is to play Final Fantasy XIII-2 for THIRTEEN HOURS STRAIGHT! Also, read about their donation incentives which include: eating a raw beet like an apple! SERIOUSLY!

Conquering Kingdom Hearts For The Kids! (By: @danielkempster)

Giant Bomb user danielkempster is doing the inconceivable! They are going to run a charity stream where they play nothing but Kingdom Hearts games to raise money for Pencils of Promise! Learn how you can help them by using the link above!

Hot take: The Final Fantasy TCG is cooler than it has any right to be.
Hot take: The Final Fantasy TCG is cooler than it has any right to be.

What FF TCG Starter Should ZombiePie Autograph for as a GBCER Prize (By: @thatpinguino)

As part of the Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run, Moderator ZombiePie is thinking of auctioning off a Final Fantasy TCG Starter Pack for those who donate! Vote to determine which starter pack they buy for the charity auction RIGHT NOW!

Tweets Of The Week

Community Activities

Official Division 2 GB Clan Megathread (By: @sweep)

If you are looking to join an online clan for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, we now have a megathread which annotates every active clan, regardless of platform, for the game!

Best Of Blogs

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My Time at Eorzea, Week Six – Finale (By: @thefakepsychic)

The stunning conclusion to TheFakePsychic’s blog series on their adventures in Final Fantasy XIV has gone up! Give it a read and discover their final impressions of the world of Eorzea!

PAX Guide 2019: East Edition (By: @marino)

PAX East 2019 is next weekend, and that can only mean one thing! That’s right, moderator Marino is back with a handy guide on how to survive the event.

If you’re not going, there’s still a Giant Bomb streaming schedule in there for you!

Retuned: An Analysis of Rock Band 2 and Rock Band Network (By: @gamer_152)

Moderator Gamer_152 retrospective on Harmonix continues with a look at Rock Band 2. Topics include snapped controllers, indie DLC, and a song almost a decade in the making.

Warframe, and its sculpted butt cleavage armor, consumes another soul.
Warframe, and its sculpted butt cleavage armor, consumes another soul.

Seeking Warframe & Fortune (Part 1) (By: @mento)

Moderator Mento has their usual offerings this week, but the most interesting details their journey to discover how far they can get into Warframe without spending any money! Here’s the first part of their new blog series!

Saturday Summaries 2019-03-23: Amiga and Atari ST Gateway Edition (By: @mento)

Mento also has a quick and easy guide for Amiga/Atari ST beginners, their closing thoughts on Nioh, and a new “Indie Game of the Week” with Odallus: The Dark Call.

My Game Dev Adventures With GDevelop 5, Or – I Made A Thing! (By: @silver-streak)

I unfortunately missed this blog last week, so here’s an incredibly belated but still enthusiastic promotion! Giant Bomb user Silver-Streak made their own video game! Read all about what their game entailed in their blog!

Join The Discussion

How has Sekiro's samurai action been treating you?
How has Sekiro’s samurai action been treating you?

Sekiro – Reviews & Impressions (By: @glots)

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice officially released last week! Have any of you played around with the samurai action game from the makers of Dark Souls? Is it everything you hoped for and then some?

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 Announced (By: @hayt)

What is your gut reaction to the recently announced Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2? Are you excited, or concerned? Will the game have as problematic a launch as Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines?

Devil May Cry 5’s The Void And Ambient Music (By: @doctordonkey)

A few users are discussing Devil May Cry 5’s training mode “The Void” and how it helps you become a badass in the game. Do you feel the same? Regardless, share your opinions about the feature using the link!

When I accidentally referred to the Stadia as a
When I accidentally referred to the Stadia as a “console,” an army of Google supporters asked me to “delete your Tweet.” Fun times.

Google Stadia – Input Lag, Display Lag, And VR (By: @css_switchfoot)

The Giant Bomb community is still talking about the recently announced Google Stadia! This discussion is debating if the platform will struggle to manage lag and latency. Do you have concerns? Join our discussion using the link!

The Effect Of Google Stadia On The Gaming Industry (By: @eighte8)

Speaking of the Stadia, what impact do you predict Google’s Stadia platform will have on the greater video game industry? Who are the winners and losers of this announcement? Join our discussion using the link below!

Obsidians New RPG (The Outer Worlds) No Longer Coming To Steam Until 2020 (By: @hayt)

What is YOUR reaction to the announcement Obsidian Entertainment’s The Outer Worlds will release on Steam 12 months after its initial PC launch? Is this a significant bummer or a nifty compromise?

Personally, I have a lot of concerns about System Shock 3, and how it
Personally, I have a lot of concerns about System Shock 3, and how it “modernizes” the gameplay.

Do You Look Up Solutions In Puzzle Games? (By: @jeremyf)

Do you ever look up how to solve puzzles in games? It’s okay if you admit you do, but what does a puzzle have to do in order for you to give up solving it organically?

Apex Legends Season 1: Wild Frontier Has Begun (By: @nateandrews)

Respawn launched its first Season/Battle Pass as well as a new character, Octane, for Apex Legends! Have any of you checked this content out? Either way, here’s a link to our discussion thread debating if it is worth a purchase!

Here’s An Early Look At System Shock 3! (By: @rorie)

A teaser trailer recently released for System Shock 3! What are your early impressions of what was shown in the video? Join our discussion, and share your concerns or excitement for the video game sequel people have been asking for the better part of a decade.

The Division 2 Tips And Tricks For New Players! (By: @sweep)

Calling everyone playing Tom Clancy’s The Division 2! We have a community “Tips and Tricks” forum for you to join! Share your advice for people just jumping into the game or need some help!

This guy seems cool, but how do you feel about the rest of the Season Pass?
This guy seems cool, but how do you feel about the rest of the Season Pass?

Battle Royale Battle Royale: Which Is Your Favorite? (By: @fireburger)

Which battle royale game is now your “go-to” after a hard or exhausting day of work? Vote and discuss your favorite game from the online genre using the link above!

Video of Labo VR (By: @quantris)

A few videos have recently shown off the Nintendo Labo VR in action, so, what do you think? Will the two go hand-in-hand, or are they too limited in terms of their viability?

Lovable Lists

Ridge Ranker (By: @pistonhyundai)

PistonHyundai put on their scientist robe, and “scientifically” ranked every entry in the Ridge Racer franchise from best to worst! Use the link and see how the games sized up!

Useful User Reviews

It is time for more reasonable skepticism of DOA's economics.
It is time for more reasonable skepticism of DOA’s economics.
  • @perfidioussinn’s Dead or Alive 6 review details why the sense of progress from DOA 5 to DOA 6 feels less significant. Discover why by reading their review!
  • @bhlaab continues their retro-game review feature with a comprehensive review of Arx Fatalis! Check it out and discover why they love and hate the game!
  • @selphie1999’s review of the indie first-person investigative thriller, The Occupation, highlights how it packs thrills in a short amount of time!
  • @riostarwind’s Donut County review shares how the game is a short but entirely pleasurable experience packed to the brim with feel-good moments.

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