Apple is preparing a live event, widely expected to debut its approach to streaming services among other big announcements. Here’s everything you need to know.

When And How To Watch

Like most Apple events, the show will be carried live through the Apple’s website. It will be broadcast from the Steve Jobs Theater at the Apple campus. It will all go down on Monday, March 25, and you can watch it live:

  • PDT: 10 AM
  • EDT: 1 PM
  • GMT: 5 PM
  • AEDT: 4 AM (Tuesday, March 26)

What We Expect

For the time being, Apple has only referred to this as a “Special Event” and the tagline for the invitations was “It’s show time.” All indications are that this will be the reveal of Apple’s long-rumored streaming service.

CNET reports that the company is poised to launch its own streaming service. The company is coming on strong, with a $1 billion investment and the involvement of celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, J.J. Abrams, Stephen Spielberg. The company is also reportedly in talks with other content producers like HBO and Showtime to join Apple’s streaming service. Netflix has publicly stated that it will not be involved with Apple, setting the two companies up for a rivalry in an increasingly competitive market.

The payment model is still under wraps, but one analyst suggested that Apple’s original shows could be made free for iOS users.

Other possibilities for the event include Apple’s news service extending to magazine subscriptions, and an Apple credit card through a partnership with Goldman Sachs. We’ll know for certain once we see the event, so be sure to tune in.

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