The level cap has been extended in Destiny 2 for Jokers Wild, which means it’s time to go hunt those Powerful loot drops. Take a break from working on Gambit Prime and the Reckoning and hunting Thorn to complete this week’s Ascendant Challenge to snag yourself some solid Powerful gear and make your way up to the new cap of 700.

As always, you’ll want to start out by grabbing the corresponding bounty from Petra. Once you do, you’ll need to use a Tincture of Queensfoil, which provides you with the Ascendance buff for a limited time. This allows you to see the Taken portal you’ll need to travel through–but you first have to find it, which the video above will help you do. It’s located inside a Lost Sector near the Dreaming City landing zone. Go partway through and you’ll find the portal. Inside, you’ll have to platform your way to an area with a pair of wizards. Take them out to complete the challenge and the bounty, which rewards you with Powerful gear.

For a more detailed look, check out our Ascendant Challenge Week 5 guide. And if you’re still working on The Last Word, the latest Exotic weapon introduced to the Destiny 2 world, grab our guide to make the grind a little easier. We’ve also got a rundown of The Last Word’s story, which is one of the best in the game and continues in the upcoming Season of the Drifter in March.

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