From battery life to rugged protection, these cases have you covered.

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Samsung’s Galaxy S10 is here, bringing with it a 1440p Infinity-O display, a trio of rear cameras, and a new fingerprint scanner placed below the screen. Considering the popularity of Samsung’s flagship smartphone line, there’s a decent chance that more than a few of you will be springing for the latest in the company’s Galaxy S series.

If you are planning to pick up a Galaxy S10, you may want to provide some extra protection for your shiny (and expensive) new device. Whether you’re looking for something sleek and light or more heavy duty, we’ve gathered some of the best cases we could find for your new smartphone.

Best Galaxy S10 Case for 360-Degree Protection

Sometimes guarding the corners and back of your phone just isn’t enough. Why take the risk when you can protect every side of your brand new phone? Even though the latest Galaxy S10 comes covered with a Gorilla Glass display, a little extra help wouldn’t hurt. Snowfox’s case features a TPU rear cover, a reinforced frame, and a built-in screen protector. If you’re the messy type, or if your kids like to play with slime while using your phone, the 360 degree protection will come in handy.

Best Galaxy S10 Case to Show Off Your Phone

The Galaxy S10 is a pretty phone, so why would you dishonor its designers and try to cover it up? ESR’s Mimic Series utilizes a tempered glass rear case so that you don’t have to hide the design of Samsung’s latest while preventing scratches and scrapes. For those with slippery hands, the frame is constructed using shock-resistant TPU for added grip. Show off your new hardware without worrying about damaging the goods.

Best Galaxy S10 Rugged Case

Depending on your line of work or your level of clumsiness, a rugged case may be the way to go. But just because you want some heavy duty protection, doesn’t mean you have to lose the Galaxy S10’s functionality.

While providing extra armor for the corners of your phone, added grip with the help of a TPU rear casing, and screen and camera protection with the help of raised edges, ESR’s Machina Rugged Case still allows for wireless charging and full access to the display’s fingerprint scanner.

Best Galaxy S10 Case for Your Cards

If you’re the type of person who only uses cards and always carries their phone, it may be a good idea to find a case that takes care of both. Take care of your prized possessions with Spigen’s Slim Armor CS case, equipped with a sliding cover on the rear side to keep your identification and bank cards safe and secure.

Even with this useful feature, the case doesn’t add much in terms of bulk. With a hybrid build of TPU and polycarbonate, the Slim Armor CS keeps a relatively sleek profile so that it’s still easy to maneuver in and out of pockets or bags.

Best Galaxy S10 Case for Slippery Fingers

The Crystal Clear case from Torras is made using high-grip TPU material that is easy to put on and remove if needed without adding much thickness to the svelte Galaxy S10. The case also features raised edges to prevent the display and cameras from being scratches from just placing the phone on a flat surface.

Best Galaxy S10 Wallet Case

Sometimes a couple plastics just aren’t enough to get you through your typical day. For those who carry with them more than a couple cards and also prefer to have cash on them, a folio case handles all of the aforementioned while throwing in a few extra features for good measure.

When closed, the Arae Leather case adds defense to the front and back of the Galaxy S10 with its PU leather construction. When opened, the case includes a number of slots for whatever cards you may need as well as a pocket for cash. Even with all these conveniences, the case still allows for access to all ports and buttons, while also throwing a kickstand configuration into the mix to help you catch up to Game of Thrones before the series ends.

Best Galaxy S10 Case from Samsung

Samsung has been known to make some pretty intuitive cases for its flagship smartphone line, and that’s no different with the Galaxy S10. Since they make the phone, you can be confident that the case will not only fit well, but work well too.

The new S-View Flip Cover, like previous iterations, protects both sides of the phone with the help of a flip cover. While there isn’t a clear view of the display, the case is designed so that some information from the screen, such as notifications, are not only viewable, but can be interacted with as well.

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