Much more than most TV series, Twin Peaks is very much all about your personal interpretation. Not unlike the original two-season run or the follow-up movie, Fire Walk With Me, the recent third season–Twin Peaks: The Return–was not concerned with over-explaining itself. Its ending, in particular, was less than conclusive in an especially Lynchian way.

As such, Twin Peaks is ripe for fans to theorize about things. Whether on an episode-by-episode basis or by looking at the bigger picture, the Twin Peaks community is filled with wild ideas about what’s going on with Judy, Bob, Laura Palmer, Agent Cooper, Phillip Jeffries, that creepy kid with the mask, and everything else.

The Return includes multiple hints at the possibility of things being a dream: Cooper and Jeffries both explicitly say we’re in a dream, for instance. Given the surreal nature of the show, that explanation could very well make sense. In the latest episode of Fan Theories, which you can watch above, we dive into this concept and explore the thought process behind it and all the evidence.

What do you make of this possibility? Do you have your explanation for what’s going on in Twin Peaks and where Cooper and Laura end up? Has Cole simply had one too many Monica Bellucci dreams? Let us know in the comments below

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