Apex Legends recently appeared to have its first Battle Pass character leaked thanks to a mistaken update on the Origin store. Respawn is now acknowledging that the mistake happened, but also warning fans not to put too much stock in datamines and leaks.

In an update on Reddit, community manager Jay Frechette said there was an “unintentional update about Season 1 on Origin today.” That confirms that the leak was legitimate. But Frechette also said the team wanted to clarify and set expectations given both that leak and earlier datamining efforts. For one, the battle pass isn’t coming today (Tuesday, March 12).

“There’s lots of stuff that has been datamined from Apex since launch and is swirling around the Internet,” Frechette said. “We know this stuff is fun to dig up and speculate about, but you should not treat any of that info as a source of truth. There’s stuff in there that is very old, or things we’ve tried in the past and cut–remember our design process is to prototype and play lots of ideas–and some of it may be things we’re still building for Apex Legends. Finding this stuff by no means confirms that it’ll ever come out. At best you should treat any posts about this as a rumor and the real info will come from us when we’re ready to show off what’s coming next.”

The statement doesn’t appear to apply to the Origin leak that revealed the next character as Octane, since that wasn’t datamined. It wouldn’t make sense for Origin to have an advertisement ready to go for the new character if it was still in testing and subject to change. But the statement does warn users not to put too much stock in datamined information.

Aside from revealing Octane, the leak also mentioned new weapons and loot, and a battle pass price of 950 Apex Coins (roughly $10).

Meanwhile, Respawn recently banned 355,000 cheaters on PC, and detailed plans for dealing with cheaters in the future. It won’t be adding a reconnect feature, though, due to the resource intensity and chances for being exploited further by cheaters.

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