Becky vs. Charlotte, Daniel Bryan vs. Not-Kofi, The Shield’s last ride, and more!

It’s the final stop on the Road to WrestleMania – WWE Fastlane!

Tonight we’ll find out if “The Man” Becky Lynch is going to join the Charlotte Flair/Ronda “Wrestling is Fake Now” Rousey match at ‘Mania 35. We’ll see if Kevin Owens, who now apparently hates bullies (and therefore…himself?) can swipe the WWE Championship from Daniel Bryan or will he fail and leave room for Kofi to challenge Bryan in April?

Can The Shield co-exist in this, their (maybe) last (probably) ride as a trio, or will Dean turn on Seth again? Or will Seth turn on is brothers again? Or will Roman turn heel for the first time? Or will they just win and make us all feel good for once in our miserable lives?

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Let’s crank out some Fastlane action…


Kickoff Show odds and ends: So a few things happened. Firstly, the Rey/Andrade match (pictured below) was switched up to a Fatal Fourway for Joe’s U.S. title on the main card. There was a segment where Joe signed Carmella’s petition for R-Truth to get a shot and then Coach screamed at us like a psycho, “IT’S OFFICIAL!” Though somehow Joe’s signature was magical, absorbing Rey and Andrade too. Rusev/Nakamura vs. Big E. and Xavier is the replacement Kickoff bout.

Then, Kofi was told to go talk to Mr. McMahon in the Mr. McMahon closet. Will he be told about ‘Mania? Is he being added to the Bryan/Owens fight? Let’s see how this plays out…

Big E & Xavier Woods vs Shinsuke Nakamura & Rusev (Kickoff Match)


Not exactly a firecracker of an opener, and cutting away from it twice (first to Roman’s return promo from two weeks back, then to Miz and Mr. Miz) didn’t help matters, but these are two notable teams for sure and the crowd on hand was here/there for it. It also picked up a bit in the final three minutes. It’s just hard to not imagine the Rey vs. Andrade match that could have been. Even though we were all turning our noses up at the fact that it was relegated to Kickoff. This match wasn’t for anything really, but it was hard not to think New Day was winning, what with the current Kofi-versy and all.

It also was given a good amount of time for being the only match on a one-hour pre-show. Ipso facto, it feels like the PPV might have a decent, manageable runtime tonight.

Winners: Big E. and Xavier Woods

Rey Mysterio vs. Andrade (Kickoff Match)


Just ignore this. Or don’t. It’s a good picture though. I could delete it. Save some page space. But nah.

SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos vs. The Miz & Shane McMahon


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