Marvel’s newest movie, Captain Marvel, opened in theaters this past weekend, and it enjoyed a massive, record-breaking debut at the box office. According to Deadline, the movie made $153 million in the United States and Canada, with a further $302 million coming in from international markets. Globally, Captain Marvel made $455 million for its first weekend despite an otherwise slow start to the year for the film industry’s overall box office.

The domestic haul of $153 million represents the third-biggest debut for a movie in March in the history of film, only behind Beauty and the Beast ($174.7 million) and Batman v. Superman ($166 million).

Additionally, Captain Marvel’s opening-weekend box office performance is better than the opening weekends for Iron Man 1 and 2, the first two Captain America movies, all the Thor films, Guardians of the Galaxy 1 and 2, and every Spider-Man movie ever released. Captain Marvel also opened to a bigger first-weekend box office number than Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Suicide Squad, Venom, and every X-Men movie ever.

“Marvel Studios continues to have an incredible track record that remains unbroken,” Disney executive Cathleen Taff said. ” Audiences feel they know what they are getting when they buy their movie ticket.”

On a global basis, Captain Marvel had the second-best best opening for a superhero film ever, only behind Avengers: Infinity War ($640.5 million). The $302 million that Captain Marvel made for its opening weekend is the sixth-biggest opening in the history of movies on a worldwide basis.

In North America, Captain Marvel finished its opening weekend as the seventh-largest opening weekend in the MCU. It was eclipsed by Iron Man 3, Captain America: Civil War, Black Panther, and all three Avengers films.

Captain Marvel, which reportedly cost $150 million to make, holds the record for the biggest opening-weekend in the history of film for a female-led movie on a global basis. Its $455 million haul eclipses the Emma Watson-starring Beauty and the Beast ($357 million), according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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