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Listen up, because a nice selection of Bluetooth and smart speakers are on sale right now at Amazon. If you’ve been waiting for a discount on an Alexa-capable speaker or a way to blast tunes away from an outlet, now is a good time to buy. Here’s what you can save money on today.

Sonos One (Gen 1) for $179

Sonos One is widely considered the best-sounding Alexa speaker on the market. The company just released a second-gen version with slightly improved internals – but no change to the sound – so it’s dropped the price on this first-gen model by 10%. That’s good news for anyone looking for a smart speaker, because this thing hardly ever drops below $200 outside of Black Friday (and even then the lowest it’s ever gone on Amazon is $172).

In addition to featuring Alexa’s useful capabilities, this speaker can wirelessly connect with other Sonos speakers in your house to let you listen to music in multiple rooms. Basically, if you want an Alexa device but a traditional Echo doesn’t have the richness of sound you’re looking for, get this.

OontZ Angle 3XL Bluetooth Speaker for $64.99


If you’re not interested in a voice-controlled assistant and are just after a Bluetooth speaker, Amazon’s Deal of the Day today is on OontZ Angle Speakers. The offer ends at midnight Eastern time, but the OontZ Angle 3XL Bluetooth speaker is marked down a hefty $85.

This thing pumps out a whole lot of sound, with an emphasis on, as the product copy reads, “DEEPER RICHER BASS.” It also has 100-foot Bluetooth range, it lasts up to eight hours on a single charge, and it’s water resistant, making it perfect for pool parties and other outdoor gatherings.

Its less feature-rich sibling, the OontZ Angle 3 Plus, is also on sale for $25.99.

$30 off 2 Amazon Echoes


Amazon has a coupon on Echo today that’s so hard to notice it might as well be a secret. If you add two of these Alexa devices to your cart, you’ll receive $30 off at checkout, bringing the price down to $170. This is the second (and latest) generation of the Echo, and it comes in your choice of five colors, including three fabric-covered options and two with a wood finish.

$20 Off 2 Amazon Echo Dots


Amazon has a similar deal going for the fun-sized Echo Dot. Add two to your cart, and you’ll get $20 off at checkout, bringing the total price down to a reasonable $80. This is the newest generation of Echo Dot, so it has a fabric exterior that comes in black, gray, or white. It also has a better speaker than previous generations – though you’ll probably still want to connect it to external speakers if you use it for listening to music.

I have an embarrassing number of Echo Dots in my house, which I use many times a day to hear the news, get the weather, listen to music, and add things to my grocery list (the AnyList app is fantastic, by the way).

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