There has been no shortage of events in Pokemon Go recently, and now developer Niantic has announced a new kind will be taking place next week. On Wednesday, March 13, players will be able to take part in the Legendary Lunch Hour, the first of what Niantic hopes will become a weekly series of events.

The Legendary Lunch Hour runs from 12-1 PM local time. During that window of time, there will be an increased number of Raids going on, giving players on their lunch breaks a chance to team up with classmates or colleagues and participate in Raid Battles together.

Niantic calls the Legendary Lunch Hour an “experiment,” with next week’s event serving as a test run of sorts. The developer says it will listen to player feedback in order to fine tune the event and make it one that players “can enjoy every week.” You can read more about the first Legendary Lunch Hour on the Pokemon Go website.

The Legendary Lunch Hour isn’t the only Pokemon Go event taking place next week. Niantic is also bringing back the Gen 3 Legendary Rayquaza for a special Raid Weekend event from March 15-18. There’s also the ongoing Battle Showdown event, which gives players a chance to find more Fighting Pokemon–including the Shiny forms of Mankey and Machop–until March 12.

In other news, the Legendary Pokemon Dialga recently made its Pokemon Go debut. The Temporal Pokemon will appear in Raid Battles until March 28. The game’s next Community Day, meanwhile, is set for March 23, and this time the featured Pokemon will be Treecko, one of the three starters from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.

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