The challenges for Week 2 of Season 8 in Fortnite are fairly simple to complete. For the most part they involve dishing out damage, opening chests, or taking out enemy players in specific locations. However, one of the challenges included in the premium Battle Pass section is a bit unusual, though not terribly difficult either.

The challenge asks players to visit the furthers points of the island in each of the cardinal directions: north, south, east, and west. Now, that sounds pretty simple, but given the strange geography of the island, you may want some specific guidance to ensure that you’re not aimlessly wandering around in the wrong location wondering why the challenge isn’t completing. It just so happens that we’ve done the legwork and have got the information you need to speed the whole process up. Take a look below for a list of the locations you need to head to or check out the video guide above.

Fortnite’s Furthest North, South, East, And West Locations

  • North: Top left of the map, just above Junk Junction
  • South: Bottom center of the map, below Lucky Landing
  • East: Right of the map, southeast of Lonely Lodge
  • West: Left side of the map at Snobby Shores

If you need a hand with Week 1’s challenges, make sure to take a look at our our full Season 8 challenges guide. We’ll be keeping that up-to-date with new guides every week, so you shouldn’t have much trouble completing challenges and earning the Battle Stars necessary to unlock the hot new Season 8 Battle Pass cosmetics.

On March 7, Epic Games released update 8.01 for Fortnite. The big new addition as part of this was treasure maps, which fits in nicely with the pirate theme that began with Season 8. The Buried Treasure item, a map that takes one inventory slot, guides players in the general direction of a treasure. When they’re close, they’ll need to find the shaft of light denoting where to dig and unearth the goods. Of course, other players will no doubt be hanging around with a goal to swoop in at the last second and steal the goods.

The patch also updated the game with the Slide Duos Limited-Time Mode, which makes it so everyone is sliding around everywhere. Run speed is increased while friction is “greatly lowered,” and there is no fall damage. Helpfully, everyone gets a Grappler with unlimited ammo to help them gain some small amount of control.

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