Captain Marvel introduces a powerful new hero to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and sets the stage for Avengers: Endgame, but more importantly, it introduces an adorable kitty cat. Goose the cat has been prominently featured in some marketing material and even has his own heroic pose on a poster, but what’s the story behind Carol Danvers’ furry friend?

In the video above, one of Goose’s fellow felines break down the history and inspiration from the long-running comic series. In the comics, Danvers has a cat named Chewie, named after the Star Wars character. The movie swaps this to a Top Gun reference. When she went into space she brought Chewie with her, not realizing her whiskered copilot was harboring a dark secret.

What ensues involves teleportation, secret powers, and even Rocket Raccoon. Watch above to get fully caught up on Chewie’s secret identity before seeing how well Goose matches up with it this weekend. Captain Marvel is in theaters March 8. Read our review for more.

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