A new key visual has been revealed for the upcoming Digimon film that celebrates the original 1999 anime’s 20th anniversary. The art is the first teaser image released for the new movie, which was first announced in May 2018. It can be seen below.

The key visual doesn’t showcase much–it’s a shot of Taichi (Tai in the English dub) and his partner Digimon, Agumon, holding hands. Taichi has also removed his goggles, an accessory he’s worn for most of his partnership with Agumon. The visual was revealed via a tweet by Digimon Adventure Tri character designer Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru, who, according to Siliconera, made the image based on a specific scene from the upcoming movie. The tweet is accompanied by the message to “Please remember Taichi and Agumon this way until the movie releases.”

Not much information is known about the upcoming movie. According to Crunchyroll, the entire cast of Digimon Adventure Tri is scheduled to reprise their respective roles in the new film. Producer Yosuke Kinoshita wants the movie to be both meaningful for the fans who have been watching Digimon since the 1999 anime, while also making its story accessible for newcomers to understand. Although Digimon Adventure’s 20th anniversary is this year (tomorrow, March 7, actually), the movie is scheduled for Spring 2020. However, a new video game that celebrates the anniversary–titled Digimon Survive–is coming out this year.

The original Digimon Adventure anime follows the journey and battles of Taichi, Yamato (Matt), Sora, Koshiro (Izzy), Mimi, and Joe, as well as Taichi’s younger sister Kari and Yamato’s little brother Takeru (T.K.). All eight are elementary school-age kids who become trapped in the Digital World, another universe populated by monsters who can utilize energy to digivolve into more powerful forms. As the DigiDestined, all eight carry devices that can supply their partner Digimon with the necessary energy to digivolve on command.

A second season saw most of the cast pass the DigiDestined mantle onto a new team of kids as Taichi, Yamato, Sora, Koshiro, Mimi, and Joe entered middle school. 2015’s Digimon Adventure Tri picks up several years later, with the original eight DigiDestined–now in high school–reuniting with their partners. The new, upcoming movie ages the original cast to around 22-years-old.

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