Red fire and blue fire. That’s hot.

IGN is burning with excitement to reveal a powerful new card featuring the fiery Kanto starter, Charizard. But the winged Pokemon is not going into battle alone: it’s teaming up with the Gen 5 Legendary Pokemon Reshiram to create the first-ever Fire-type Tag Team Pokemon GX card.

Check it out:

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While images of the Japanese version of Reshiram & Charizard GX have been out in the wild for a little while now, this is your first look at the US print. And boy is it a doozy!

The first attack, Outrage, may start small, but if the opponent dares to attack ReshiZard, then it can reach big numbers in a hurry. Considering ReshiZard has a whopping 270 HP (which is high even for Tag Teams), it has a lot of room to pile up damage counters and turn that into a devastating attack. Outrage can reach maximum damage potential with 260 damage on ReshiZard, allowing it to swing for a massive 290 damage! And that’s without comboing it with any other cards. That’s not likely to happen very often, but it’s still an impressive figure nevertheless.

Flare Strike is also quite impressive with its 230 damage, although it comes with the downside that you can’t use it two turns in row. Nothing a few switching cards can’t fix. Packing that much firepower means ReshiZard can knock out pretty much every relevant Pokemon in the format in one hit, including Tapu Lele-GX (170 HP), Blacephalon-GX (180 HP), and Zoroark-GX (210 HP). Fellow Tag Team card Pikachu & Zekrom GX is just out of reach at 240 HP, but a simple Choice Band will fix that, boosting the attack to 260 damage.

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Finally, Double Blaze GX does 200 damage, which is a great deal for three Fires. That number goes up to 300 damage if you have three extra Fires attached, simulating Charizard and Reshiram attacking in unison, although that honestly seems like overkill given the numbers ReshiZard can already reach without it.

Getting the relevant number of Fire Energy on ReshiZard won’t be that hard when you look at the Trainer options Fire-types have available. The Supporter card Kiawe pulls four Fires from the deck and attaches them to ReshiZard at the cost of immediately ending your turn, but that’s a negligible price to pay if you use Kiawe on the first turn when you can’t attack anyway. There’s also the upcoming Supporter card Welder (spotted by the folks at PokeBeach) that allows you to attach two Fires from hand and then draw three cards. Pair that with the new Item card Fire Crystal that puts three Fires from your discard pile into your hand and you’ve got one Reshiram & Charizard Tag Team GX fired up and ready to go.

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This card will be featured in the next Pokemon expansion set, which has yet to be officially announced.

What do you think of Reshiram & Charizard’s tag team card? Let us know in the comments.

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