Apex Legends is full of little tricks the game doesn’t tell you about–so much so that we compiled them into a guide. Even with a full rundown of things you should know that aren’t super obvious, there are lots of best practices that experienced and effective Apex Legends players know about that are easy for others to miss. One such thing everybody should know about is the way to extend your glide distance during jumps at the start of Apex Legends matches, something often referred to as “wave gliding.”

If you’re not already using wave gliding, you absolutely should be. It’s a trick that can help you extend your jumps by a few hundred meters, and make it possible to reach almost any area on the map from the drop ship. The trick is to balance the speed of your descent with the distance you want to cover: dropping at either too steep an angle or too gradual of one will keep you from getting those really long distances.

Wave gliding gets its name from the technique of alternating between gliding as far as you can and diving toward the ground below. When you glide basically flat toward your destination, the friction reduces your speed–which means your total glide distance is reduced as well. You can pick up more speed by diving, and while you lose a little distance because of the steep incline, you get more back from increasing your speed when you flatten out.

The good news is that balancing the dives and glides is pretty easy thanks to Apex Legends’ HUD while dropping. On the left side of the screen, you’ll see numbers that indicate your speed. Diving increases your speed significantly. The trick is to dive until your speed hits about 145, then level off and ride the burst until it falls to around 135. Dive again, pick up more speed, then level off again.

Using the wave glide technique is very useful for getting to those tough-to-reach places like Relay or Slum Lakes, and getting to those distant locations is a great way to get some high-quality loot while being less likely to run into other players before you’re ready. If you want to avoid conflict right out of the gate and get to your preferred jump locations, this is the way to do it.

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