During its latest Direct event, Nintendo provided an update on what the future holds for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, revealing information about its 3.0 update, narrowing down when the next DLC character will be available, and showing off a few new Amiibo coming soon.

First up is update 3.0, which Nintendo didn’t actually detail. Instead it teased more information in the future. In terms of DLC characters, Nintendo already revealed that the next fighter to join the roster will be Persona 5 protagonist Joker. However, it has now confirmed that he’ll be available in the game before the end of April.

As previously detailed, Joker will be the first DLC character released for the game (outside of Piranha Plant) and will be available as part of Challenge Pack 1. Each DLC pack will be solid individually and contains a DLC character, a stage, and accompanying music. Nintendo is also offering a Fighters Pass that will include all the Challenge Packs.

For those looking to add more Amiibo to their collection, there’s a few new figures for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighters on the way. Namely Snake from the Metal Gear Solid series, Pokemon Trainer, who comes with Squirtle and Ivysaur in tow. For the Castlevania fans out there, Simon Belmont will also be immortalized in Amiibo form.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launched for Nintendo Switch in December 2018 and has already been very successful. The game was Amazon’s best-selling video game of 2018 and the fifth best-selling game in the US (not accounting for digital sales). Nintendo also revealed that the game has sold more than 12 million copies worldwide as of December 31, 2018. This made it the third best-selling Switch game to date.

It was also a critical success, having received widespread acclaim. GameSpot’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate review awarded it a 9/10. Edmond Tran said it is a “flexible multiplayer game that can be as freewheeling or as firm as you want it to be.

“Its entertaining single-player content helps keep the game rich with interesting things to do, as well as bolstering its spirit of loving homage to the games that have graced Nintendo consoles. Ultimate’s diverse content is compelling, its strong mechanics are refined, and the encompassing collection is simply superb.”

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