Fire Emblem: Three Houses marks the long-running strategy RPG series’ debut on Nintendo Switch. It’s among the biggest franchises Nintendo has planned for this year, and now we know it will be a mid-summer treat. During the company’s latest Nintendo Direct presentation, it announced a release date of July 26.

For devotees of the series, the Direct also announced a collector’s edition. The Seasons of Warfare Edition will include an artbook, sound selection CD, calendar, and steelbook case.

Fire Emblem was the centerpiece of the Nintendo Direct presentation, taking most of its time with tons of new details. We saw combat in action, the way cutscenes will integrate into battle sequences, and a lot more story details. You’ll be the head of the Officer’s Academy, which is composed of three houses–the Black Eagles, Blue Lions, or Golden Deer–and are tasked with training the students and assisting in their studies. Check out all the new details we learned.

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