Get caught up with this year’s Best Picture noms and more.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is hoping to create an uptick in ratings for this year’s host-less Academy Awards ceremony – airing Sunday, February 24 – thanks to a few big blockbusters (Black Panther, Bohemian Rhapsody, A Star Is Born) and the proceeding’s usual mix of smaller critical darlings (Roma, The Favourite, etc).

With just two weeks left to consume as many Oscar-nominated films as possible, we’ve assembled a quick and dirty rundown of where to stream all the Best Picture noms, Best Animated Feature hopefuls, and a handful of acclaimed movies that roped in Best Director and Best Actor and Actress considerations.

Read on to find out where you can catch Black Panther, A Star is Born, Green Book, and more…

Best Picture Nominees


Alfonso Cuarón’s personal and visually stunning ROMA not only garnered 10 Oscar nominations, but it’s also a Netflix exclusive. Because of this, AMC and Regal Cinemas both announced that the film wouldn’t be included in their annual Best Picture showcase. Still, it’s one of the easiest Best Picture nominees to stream. Just one place.

  • Netflix (with subscription)



After an astonishing career, Spike Lee finally got a Best Director nod for BlacKkKlansman, while the film itself was also nominated. The weighty dramedy, starring John David Washington and Adam Driver, is currently ready for digital purchase and renting.

  • Prime Video (Rent HD $5.99/Buy HD $14.99)
  • Vudu (Rent HD or UDH $5.99/Buy HD or UHD $14.99)
  • Google Play (Rent 4K $5.99/Buy 4K $14.99)
  • YouTube (Rent UHD $5.99/Buy UHD $14.99)
  • iTunes (Rent HD $5.99/Buy HD $14.99)



Bradley Cooper’s remake of A Star Is Born, which he starred in alongside Lady Gaga, is harder to come by. It can’t be streamed with a subscription and it’s not rentable right now (not until Feb 19). You can only own it outright. Talk about SHALLOW.

  • Vudu (Rentable Feb 19/Buy HD or UHD $19.99)
  • YouTube (Buy UHD $19.99)
  • Google Play (Buy 4K $19.99)
  • iTunes (Buy UHD $19.99)



Marvel’s groundbreaking MCU entry, which made history as the first superhero movie to get nominated for Best Picture, can still be seen on Netflix (not for much longer though). It can also be rented or purchased at:

  • Netflix (with subscription)
  • Prime Video (Rent HD $3.99/Buy HD $14.99)
  • Vudu (Rent HD $3.99/Buy HD $14.99/Buy UHD $24.99)
  • YouTube (Rent HD $3.99/Buy HD $19.99)
  • Google Play (Rent HD $3.99/Buy HD $19.99)
  • iTunes (Rent HD $3.99/Buy HD $14.99)



Adam McKay’s quirky dramedy about former VP Dick Cheney, featuring a fully transformed Christian Bale, is tricky to come by. It’s currently available for pre-ordering, but no hard date is set for when it’s actually being released on digital.

  • Prime Video (Pre-Order HD $14.99)
  • Vudu (Pre-Order HD $14.99)
  • Google Play (Pre-Order HD $19.99)
  • iTunes (Buy UHD $14.99)



Green Book, starring Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali, like a few other Oscar nominated films, can still be seen in theaters, so it’s harder to come by online. Right now it’s only up for pre-ordering.

  • Prime Video (Pre-Order for Feb 19 HD $14.99)
  • Vudu (Pre-Order for Feb 19 HD or UHD $14.99)
  • Google Play (Pre-Order for Feb 19 HD $14.99)
  • YouTube (Pre-Order for Feb 19 HD $14.99)
  • iTunes (Pre-Order for Feb 19 HD $14.99)



The Favourite will be available to own this week on most digital streaming platforms. Now you can watch Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone’s warring cousins compete to be the court darling of Olivia Colman’s frail, eccentric Queen Anne – plus an ample amount of duck racing – in the comfort of your own home.

  • Prime Video (Pre-Order for Feb 12 HD $14.99)
  • Vudu (Pre-Order for Feb 12 HD or UHD $14.99)
  • Google Play (Pre-Order for Feb 12 HD $14.99)
  • YouTube (Pre-Order for Feb 12 HD $14.99)
  • iTunes (Pre-Order for Feb 12 HD $14.99)



This blockbuster Queen biopic, which also snagged star Rami Malek a Best Actor nomination, is ready to buy at most places – and rentable at some. With a global haul of over $880 million though, it’s a safe bet that a bunch of folks WANT IT ALL.

  • Prime Video (Buy HD $19.99)
  • Vudu (Rentable Feb 12/Buy HD or UHD $19.99)
  • Google Play (Buy 4K $19.99)
  • YouTube (Buy UHD $19.99)
  • iTunes (Rentable Feb 12/Buy HD $19.99)

Best Animated Feature Nominees



The vibrant, rollicking winner of the Golden Globe for Best Animated Motion Picture can still be webbed in theaters so if you’re looking to watch it at home you won’t be able to catch it until after it (probably) wins the Oscar for Best Animated Feature.

  • Prime Video (Pre-Order for Feb 26 HD $19.99)
  • Vudu (Pre-Order for Feb 26 HD or UHD $19.99)
  • Google Play (Pre-Order Feb 26 4K $19.99)
  • YouTube (Pre Order for Feb 26 HD $19.99)
  • iTunes (Pre-Order for Feb 26 HD $19.99)



Ralph Breaks the Internet is rentable and buyable in some places, while other platforms are making you wait to purchase. It’s a mixed bag. Kind of like the internet itself. And life.

  • Prime Video (Pre-Order for Feb 26 HD $19.99)
  • Vudu (Rent on Feb 26/Buy HD $19.99)
  • Google Play (Buy HD $14.99)
  • YouTube (Rent HD $3.99/Buy HD $15.99)
  • iTunes (Rent on Feb 26/Buy HD $19.99)



Want Incredibles 2 in your eyeholes? Boom. Easy. Netflix has it. But if you’re dead set on paying for the further adventures of the Parr family then everywhere else has it available for renting and buying.

  • Netflix (with subscription)
  • Prime Video (Rent HD $3.99/Buy HD $19.99)
  • Vudu (Rent HD $3.99/Buy HD $19.99)
  • Google Play (Rent HD $3.99/Buy HD $19.99)
  • YouTube (Rent HD $3.99/Buy HD $19.99)
  • iTunes (Rent HD $5.99/Buy HD $19.99)



As a foreign film that was only just released in America back at the end of November, Mirai is basically impossible to stream. Select cities might still have it in theaters, but right now you’re only option to see this film, about a boy who goes on adventures with his magically older twin sister, is to pre-order at the sites below.

  • Google Play (Pre-Order HD $17.99)
  • YouTube  (Pre-Order HD $17.99)



Wes Anderson’s stop-motion quirk-fest, about a future Japan where a dog flu outbreak gets all canines banished to Trash Island, is one of the easier films to catch at home. It can’t be rented but if you don’t have an HBO subscription, Amazon’s got it as a cheap buy.

  • HBO GO (with subscription)
  • HBO NOW (with subscription)
  • Prime Video (Buy HD $5.99)
  • Vudu (Buy HD $14.99)
  • Google Play (Buy HD $14.99)
  • YouTube (Buy HD $14.99)
  • iTunes (Buy HD $14.99)

Best Director or Actor/Actress Nominees Not Included Above



This Best Foreign Language Film nominee surprised many by also raking in a Best Director nod, for Polish filmmaker Paweł Pawlikowski, but sadly this bittersweet period love story about a musical director and a singer isn’t available to stream right now.

  • Prime Video (with Amazon Prime membership, March 22)



Both Melissa McCarthy and Richard E. Grant received acting nominations for Can You Ever Forgive Me? – the story of a failed writer who forges letters from famous authors – and the universally lauded movie can be purchased online (or rented as of Feb 19).

  • Prime Video (Buy HD $14.99)
  • Vudu (Rentable Feb 19/Buy HD or UHD $14.99)
  • Google Play (Buy 4K $14.99)
  • YouTube (Buy UHD $14.99)
  • iTunes (Buy HD $14.99)



Unlike Moonlight, Barry Jenkins’ If Beale Street Could Talk didn’t get a Best Picture nomination, but it did pull in a Best Supporting Actress nod for Regina King. It’s available to pre-order now, but no hard date has been announced for availability.

  • Prime Video (Pre-Order HD 14.99)
  • Vudu (Pre-Order HD $14.99)
  • Google Play (Pre-Order HD $14.99)
  • YouTube (Pre-Order HD $14.99)
  • iTunes (Pre-Order HD ($14.99)



Julian Schnabel’s At Eternity’s Gate flew way under the radar until star Willem Dafoe started getting awards season recognition for his role as Vincent van Gogh in Southern France, so the curiosity factor is pretty strong with this one. Right now it’s available to rent and buy.

  • Prime Video (Buy HD $14.99)
  • Vudu (Rentable Feb 12/Buy HD $14.99)
  • Google Play (Buy HD $14.99)
  • YouTube (Buy HD $14.99)
  • iTunes (Rentable Feb 12/Buy HD $14.99)



Glenn Close seems like a lock to take home the Best Actress Oscar for her role as a dismissed writer in The Wife, a film that’s definitely built up a ton of buzz after Close won the Golden Globe back in January. The film’s ready to rent and purchase all over the damn place.

  • Prime Video (Rent HD $4.99/Buy HD $14.99)
  • Vudu (Rent HD $4.99/Buy HD $14.99)
  • Google Play (Rent HD $4.99/Buy HD $14.99)
  • YouTube (Rent HD $4.99/Buy HD $14.99)
  • iTunes (Rent HD $5.99/Buy HD $14.99)

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