BioWare has released the launch trailer for Anthem, which is scheduled to come out for Xbox One, PS4, and PC on February 22. You can play the game on February 15, though, with EA or Origin Access.

The launch trailer focuses on a team of four Freelancers suiting up for their next mission. Each Freelancer pilots one of the different Javelin exo-suits, and the trailer showcases the unique flight and combat mechanics of the four. You can watch it above.

First up is Ranger, which is strong enough to take a hit, but dashes out of the way of additional enemy fire before detonating the combos of the other Javelins with its precise, multi-targeting Ultimate attack. Up next is Colossus, which is strong enough to tank attacks with its shield as it dives into the front lines. Interceptor, meanwhile, dodges out of the way of enemy fire, darting between attacks with flips and dashes, and supporting the Colossus and Ranger on the front lines. Storm takes up the rear on the offensive, flinging fire, lightning, and ice from a relatively safe distance.

EA is expecting BioWare’s newest game to sell as many as 6 million copies by March, with lifetime sales ending up being much higher. CFO Blake Jorgensen said EA is confident that Anthem will reach these numbers based on the popularity of the game’s VIP and open demos, despite the major connectivity issues present in the former.

Anthem could be a major risk for BioWare, as it’s another game-as-a-service title that’s launching in an industry where Fortnite is still popular, Apex Legends has taken the world by storm with 10 million unique users, and Ubisoft’s The Division 2 is a month away from release. There’s only so much time people can devote to these games, but BioWare seems confident it can maintain a playerbase with its planned endgame content. At launch, Anthem will include three extra difficulties that unlock at level 30, the game’s current cap. You’ll also be able to complete daily, weekly, and monthly challenges, and story expansions are scheduled to come to Anthem in the months following release.

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