The beta for The Division 2 is now live, so you can explore the burned-out wreckage of a post-apocalyptic Washington DC for a limited time. This is a private beta, so you’ll need to have gotten in through a pre-order for the game, or having been randomly selected for entry after signing up online.

The beta includes two main missions, five side missions, some open-world activities, and one of the three new Dark Zones. The beta added an extra piece of endgame content, called an Invaded mission, earlier today that you can now check out. The player cap for the beta will be level 30.

The team has acknowledged some issues as the beta has rolled out, from wrongfully labeling players as banned to issues with friend invites. You can keep an eye on the official Twitter account for fixes as they come. Ubisoft has recommended that players periodically restart the beta to avoid crashes that can crop up after 2-3 hours of play.

Ubisoft has already been working to improve the beta. Aside from some server maintenance, it released an update. The patch notes are not terribly exciting, but those plagued by the issues resolved by it will be happy. Ubisoft notes that, despite a relatively small file size, it may take a while for the patch to install on PS4.

The first Division took place in New York City, following the outbreak of a bio-engineered virus. The mastermind behind the biological attack put the infection on dollar bills that circulated during Black Friday and subsequent heavy shopping days, which spread the virus quickly. The city quickly descended into chaos and was quarantined, and a secret cabal of sleeper agents–the titular Division–were dispatched to restore order. This sequel takes place in the nation’s capital, which apparently didn’t fare much better.

Check out everything we know for more details on the beta and details on how to get in and read up on how Dark Zones have changed. Microsoft recently announced two Xbox One bundles that will come packaged with The Division 2. The full game releases on March 15.

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