The legendary private eye John Shaft is back. The latest reboot of the classic ’70s Blaxploitation classic features three generations of Shaft–original star Richard Roundtree and the 2000 remake’s Samuel L Jackson are joined by newcomer Jessie Usher. The first trailer has now been released.

The trailer see Jackson’s John Shaft meeting his son again after what seems to be a long time. Inevitably the pair soon find themselves involved in a dangerous, action-packed adventure, much to the disapproval of the youngest Shaft’s mom, played by Regina Hall (Girls’ Trip). Roundtree also appears, and he’s just as badass as either of the younger Shafts; we’ll ignore the fact that Roundtree is actually only six years older than Jackson, and plays his dad.. Check the trailer out above.

Shaft is directed by Tim Story, who previously helmed Ride Along and its sequel, Barbershop, and the 2005’s Fantastic Four movie. It also stars Alexandra Shipp (X-Men: Apocalypse) and Method Man (Luke Cage, Peppermind). It hits theaters on June 14.

The first Shaft was released in 1971 and was a huge box office success. It was followed by two sequels–Shaft’s Big Score and Shaft in Africa–and helped create the popular wave of Blaxploitation movies over the next few years.

Jackson will next be seen as Nick Fury in the upcoming Captain Marvel. The latest MCU movie arrives in March and a new trailer was released this week.

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