Disney continues to remake its classic fairy tale movies, and 2019 will see three live-action updates of animated favorites. Aladdin and The Lion King are due for release later this year, but ahead of that we have a new version of Dumbo. A new trailer has now been released.

This latest promo sets up the classic story, in which a struggling circus welcomes a new baby elephant to its ranks. Of course, Dumbo’s giant ears make him unpopular with the circus bosses, until a discovery that he can fly changes everything. It’s directed by Tim Burton, so looks as magical and inventive as you’d expect from the director of Alice in Wonderland and Edward Scissorhands. Check it out above.

Dumbo stars Colin Farrell as the former circus star who is now unable to perform because of a wartime injury, plus Michael Keaton as villainous entrepreneur Vandemere, Danny DeVito as circus owner Max Medici, and Eva Green as trapeze artist Colette Marchant. It releases on March 29, 2019.

In terms of other Disney adaptations, Aladdin arrives in May, while The Lion King is released in July. Further down the line, a new version of Mulan is set for a 2020 release. There are also movies based on Cruella De Ville (101 Dalmations) and Tinker Bell (Peter Pan) reportedly in development.

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