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A few truly excellent board games are on sale at Amazon right now, including the incredibly complex and fun Gloomhaven. It’s down to $104.36 from its $140 list price: It’s not the lowest-price ever for Gloomhaven, but it’s getting pretty close.

Gloomhaven for $104.77

This is a really involved game, but the best part is you can actually just play it alone. If you’ve ever tried to wrangle a group of friends together for a dedicated game night, you know how difficult it can be. If you have the itch to play Gloomhaven, but can’t get your friends to nail down a night and time, you can still play. The Gloomhaven removable sticker set is also discounted, so you can buy them both for less than the game normally costs by itself.

As gigantic and overwhelming as Gloomhaven can be, if you’re serious about it, it’s worth your money to pick up an organizer and some extra stickers.

You can also preorder the upcoming Gloomhaven expansion, Forgotten Circles. The Forgotten Circles Gloomhaven expansion comes out April 15.

Conan for $58.97



The Conan boardgame is also on sale right now, for $58.97. If you don’t know what’s best in life, Conan can teach you: to crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women. At least, that’s what Arnold Schwarzenegger taught us in Conan: The Barbarian. This game features some truly excellent miniatures, too, as well as expansions.

If you already have the base game, or decide you want to go all-in on Conan, check out the expansions. They aren’t on sale, but the money you save on the base game should help cover the costs of at least one of the expansions:

Dungeons and Dragons Starter Set for $9.59



The Dungeons and Dragons Starter Set has everything you need to get started in the world of D&D. It’s not the core D&D experience: you have 5 ready-made characters to choose from, a D&D rulebook, and an adventure guide for a DM. I recommend this if you’ve been considering trying D&D but don’t want to throw down all the money on the bigger, badder rule books and gear. There are also 6 dice inside, making this the complete bare-bones D&D experience.

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