The Super Bowl was in full effect on February 3, airing on CBS, where the L.A. Rams took on the New England Patriots to determine which team is the best in the NFL for the 2018 season. However, there were a good chunk of people watching this game around the world for the weird and funny commercials. So why not keep track of some of the best ones that aired during the big game?

Listen, I know comedy. I was once paid $50 to do standup at a cosmetology school, but that’s besides the point. Throughout the evening, we’ll be reporting some of the funniest, silliest, and wackiest commercials from the evening. From Harrison Ford yelling at his dog with a collar equipped with Amazon Alexa to the Bud Knight getting murdered by The Mountain from Game of Thrones, there were some fantastic TV spots this year.

If you’re looking for every single new TV spot for this year’s Super Bowl, don’t worry, we have a list of everything that aired during the big NFL game for you as well. For now, here are the funniest commercials we saw during the evening.

Olay Won’t Save You From Murderers

Sarah Michelle Gellar pops into this Olay ad which aired during the 1st quarter. Apparently, her Olay facial products have worked so well, she can’t unlock her phone with her face anymore.

Audi Fever Dream

A man finds himself inside an electric Audi, but it was all a dream, as he was choking on a cashew.

Game of Thrones Bud Light

In quite possibly the weirdest crossover commercial of all time, the Bud Knight was murdered by The Mountain from Game of Thrones. Dilly dilly?

Amazon Alexa

There were plenty of items that incorporated Alexa which didn’t work out. The best bit of this star-studded commercial was Harrison Ford’s dog ordering dog food.

Alexa Can’t Eat Pringles

While stacking Pringles to make a new taste combination is something we all do, an Amazon-like device, in this commercial, is depressed it can’t taste them.

Buble Rebrands Bubly

Acclaimed singer Michael Buble has decided to rename PepsiCo’s product Bubly by taking a marker to every single product.

Tony Romo In Easy Mode

Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo shows us all what his easy mode is like, which includes a golf putt that even I could make.

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