Valve has announced that the annual Steam Lunar New Year Sale is once again live. This year, there’s also a Rewards Booth, where you can redeem tokens to unlock limited-time awards.

You’ll get a certain amount of tokens based on previous Steam purchases you’ve made, which can be unlocked by logging into your account and opening your red envelope. In order to unlock more tokens, you’ll need to shop for games during the Lunar New Year Sale. Every $1 USD you spend for yourself nets you 100 tokens, while every $1 USD you spend on games that you gift to a friend gets you 111 tokens. These tokens disappear at the end of the Lunar New Year Sale, so any that you haven’t spent by February 12 at 10AM PT / 1PM ET / 6PM UK are gone for good.

There are three different types of rewards you can trade in tokens for, with the Premium rewards being the most pricey. The cheapest Premium reward is 2,000 tokens, and it’s a limited-time badge for your Steam profile. You can also spend 4,000 tokens and cause your profile to “go gold” for the rest of the Lunar New Year Sale, which can be extended to next month for another 12,000 tokens. For 15,000 tokens, you can unlock a $5 discount on your next Steam purchase–whether it’s during the sale or later.

During the Lunar New Year Sale, you can unlock several smaller rewards as well. In the Rewards Booth, you can unlock three different profile backgrounds–Courtyard, Market, and Firecrackers–each for 1,000 tokens. In honor of it being the Year of the Pig, you can also unlock 12 different chat emoticons that are all pig themed–each for 100 tokens.

During the Lunar New Year Sale, Steam is offering a $5 discount on your first purchase of $30 or more–which is different from the Rewards Booth discount mentioned earlier. As is usual for a Steam sale, you can find some pretty substantial deals on dozens of games, both indie and triple-A. Far Cry 5 has been discounted to $15 for example, with Nioh: Complete Edition going down to $25, Life is Strange 2 to $4, and Overcooked 2 to $19.

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