Capcom has released its financial results for the quarter ending December 31, 2018, and continued success for Monster Hunter World helped make it one of Capcom’s strongest. The latest in the Monster Hunter series has now crossed the 11 million mark, up from the 10 million it had set in August 2018.

The company cites its continued Monster Hunter success, along with digital games like Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection and Mega Man 11. It said that as a result, this was the highest level of profit for the end of a third quarter in company history. Seeing as the third quarter overlaps with the traditional gift-giving season, that’s no small feat.

Monster Hunter World has been an unusually massive success for a series with so many existing entries. In its first few months it sold nearly 8 million units. The continued steady success of the console versions along with a PC launch helped boost it further, up to 10 million. That made it an unprecedented success for Capcom.

The game was a critical success too. It helped push Capcom to the top of Metacritic’s top publishers of 2018 based partly on the strength of its reception. Now as the game enters its second year, it’s in the midst of the Appreciation Fest to celebrate with fans. That event includes special events and gear. An expansion, Iceborne, is due this fall. Capcom noted the Iceborne expansion in its future forecasts, expecting it to do well riding high on the success of the main game.

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