Square Enix has shared more details on Final Fantasy XIV’s upcoming expansion, Shadowbringers. During the FFXIV Fan Fest event this past weekend, the publisher announced that Shadowbringers will launch for PS4 and PC on July 2, and it gave fans a glimpse at some of the new content the expansion will introduce.

Along with a variety of new dungeons, Shadowbringers will add another playable race to the game: the rabbit-like Viera, the race Final Fantasy XII’s Fran belonged to. The expansion will also introduce several new beast tribes: Nu Mou, dwarves, and pixies. Players will have a “harrowing encounter” with the ruler of the pixies, Titania, in one of Shadowbringers’ new trials.

Square Enix also revealed one of the new classes coming in Shadowbringers: Gunbreaker. The class wields gunblades and fills the role of a tank. The game’s level cap is also being increased from 70 to 80, and there will be a number of new areas to explore, including the Rak’Tika Greatwood, Amh Araeng, and Il Mheg.

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On top of that, Square Enix announced that Shadowbringers will kick off a new Alliance raid series. The publisher hasn’t shared many details about it yet, but this one will be a surprise crossover with Nier: Automata and is titled YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse. You can read more about the upcoming expansion on the Shadowbringers website.

Shadowbringers will be available in standard and Collector’s editions. The latter will retail for $200 and comes with a variety of bonus physical and in-game items, including an art book, Dark Knight figure, playing cards, Fran minion, and Revolver Gunbreaker weapon. Pre-orders for Shadowbringers will open this week, on February 6; everyone who reserves the expansion will be able to access it several days early, beginning June 28.

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