With DJ Marshmello set to hold a concert in Fortnite: Battle Royale very soon, Epic Games has kicked off a mini event that consists of new challenges and rewards. The first segment of this is now live and involves something called Showtime posters; here’s how it works.

The first of the Showtime challenges asks you to search a Showtime poster. This simply involves tracking down one of these posters and holding the Use key while standing in front of it. Do that, and you’ll net a Marshmello-themed spray for yourself. Two more challenges will open up on February 1, each with a reward of their own; complete all three to net an additional reward.

Until the others unlock, that leaves you to merely track down a showtime poster. It’s unclear exactly where these can be found at this point, but they appear to be scattered all around the map. We found one located on the side of the structures just north of Dusty Divot; you can see what you’re looking for in the image below.

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It’s a relatively easy challenge, provided you can locate one of the posters. Whether the other two objectives prove to be just as simple remains to be seen, but even if they’re knocked out quickly, there’s a new batch of Week 9 challenges to keep you busy. Among them: one asking you to pop golden balloons and a multi-tiered one that has you dance on a sundial, followed by two other objects.

As for DJ Marshmello, the electronic musician is currently on tour. The next stop listed on the schedule is Pleasant Park, one of the locations on Fortnite’s island. If you go there now, you can actually see that a stage has been set up for the concert, though just what it will look like on the day remains to be seen. The concert is scheduled for Saturday, February 2, at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET / 7 PM GMT.

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