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If you’re in the market to buy a new tablet or upgrade an old one, you can save cash right now on some of the latest models of iPad and iPad Pro. And if you’re willing to take a gentle hit on power and specs, you can get even bigger savings on the previous generation of iPad Pro. Let’s dive in and see what kind of deals are floating around on some of the best tablets money can buy.

iPad (Latest Model)

For those who want an iPad for basic tasks like streaming video, scrolling through social media, and surfing the web, a standard model iPad will suit you just fine. Right now at Amazon you can save $38 by clipping the coupon on the latest Wi-Fi-only model, bringing the price down to $280 for a 32GB iPad or $399 for one with 128GB. Adding cellular connectivity, which can be a lifesaver for anyone who travels or is often away from Wi-Fi, brings the 128GB model to $495 (for a savings of $65 with the clipped coupon). If you plan to play a lot of games or keep music and videos on the device, you’ll definitely want to spring for a 128GB model, as those can eat up a lot of your storage fast.

Wi-Fi Only

Wi-Fi + Cellular

iPad Pro 10.5″


If you plan to use an iPad as your main device for work, or as a laptop replacement in general, you’ll probably want to spring for an iPad Pro. Pros are also good for photo and video editing, as well as for playing the most graphically-demanding iOS games. The 10.5-inch model is a little bit older than the 11- and 12.9-inch ones. It has a 10X Fusion chip rather than the more powerful 12X Bionic chip, and it uses has Touch ID rather than Face ID for security. Basically, if you want the absolute best iPad hardware, go with your choice of the 11- or 12.9-inch models. If you prioritize saving money, get the 10.5-inch one.

The best deals we could find on the 10.5-inch iPad are on Amazon, where the 256GB, Wi-Fi-only models are on sale for $100 off, bringing the price down to $699 across the color spectrum.

Wi-Fi Only

iPad Pro (Latest Model)


For the newest and most powerful iPad Pros, you can save between $50 and $100 on the 11-inch models, depending on whether you go Wi-Fi-only or Wi-Fi plus cellular. If you prefer a larger screen, you can save between $60 and $124 on 12.9-inch models.

11″ Wi-Fi Only

11″ Wi-Fi + Cellular

12.9″ Wi-Fi Only

12.9″ Wi-Fi + Cellular

iPad Pro 12.9″ (Mid-2017)


But if you’re willing to buy a 12.9-inch iPad Pro from 2017, you can get an even better deal. You can save up to $200 on a Wi-Fi-only one, or $280 on a Wi-Fi and cellular model.

Wi-Fi Only

 Wi-Fi + Cellular

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