The Los Angeles Rams will take on the New England Patriots at the Super Bowl this weekend. But for many viewers, Super Bowl Sunday is about the spectacle. The year’s biggest game, biggest half-time show, and of course, the biggest commercials. Advertising during the Super Bowl guarantees a massive audience and the prestige of sharing airtime with some of the most iconic ads ever created.

This year, companies like Amazon, Doritos, and Budweiser have already begun to show off teasers for ads that will air on February 3. Some of these are versions of the final ads themselves, but many are Internet-ready ads for the ads that we’ll see during the big game. Check out all that we know about for sure below. We also expect to see some movie trailers, including a likely look at some upcoming Marvel films.

Amazon Alexa

Amazon is advertising its Alexa virtual assistant with a series of ads, centered around a fictional Beta Testing program reserved strictly for celebrities like Harrison Ford. If anyone knows how to deal with smart-aleck robots, it’s him.

Avacados from Mexico

Who doesn’t love some guac to go with those chips? Avacados from Mexico, a marketing group for the tree fruit import business, created a commercial using that mainstay of advertising success: cute dogs.

Bon & Viv Spiked Seltzer

In one of the more high-concept ads we’ve seen so far, a group of mermaids pitch their spiked seltzer, Shark Tank style, to a gang of actual sharks.

Bubly Flavored Water

Singer Michael Bublé has riffed on his very adjective-like name before, and now the crooner is playing at being a bit miffed at the similarity with the flavored water brand Bubly.


The self-proclaimed King of Beers has become somewhat known for its Super Bowl commercials, so of course it’s planning to show up this year. This year it’s tipping its hat to sustainable energy, promoting its use of wind power with the help of its iconic clydesdale horses and (why not?) a cute dog.


Perpetual football snack Doritos uses all that tortilla money to bring Backstreet back (alright), as the 1990s heartthrobs give Chance the Rapper a shot at joining their crew. We’ve only seen teasers so far so the big day will likely bring a longer ad spot.


Christina Applegate stars in a teaser for the little candy confections, as a frustrated woman locked out of her car by someone–or something–on the inside.

Planters Peanuts

A brief teaser for Planters shows the company’s monocled mascot tossing peanuts into the mouth of baseball great Alex Rodriguez.


Skittles is very consciously making a point of not showing an ad during the game, instead advertising that it is hosting a full-blown Broadway musical. It stars Michael C. Hall and will play to an actual live audience in New York concurrent with the Super Bowl itself, with ticket proceeds and a matching donation going to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.

Stella Artois

In an ad for Stella Artois beer, fictional characters known for their associations with particular alcoholic beverages decide on a change of pace and instead order a Stella. Those include Carrie Bradshaw of Sex in the City eschewing her cosmo and The Dude rejecting a White Russian. This ad strategy may have backfired slightly for Stella, though, as the initial vague teaser starring Jeff Bridges raised hopes for a Big Lebowski sequel. Sorry, fans of The Dude.

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