Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally almost upon us. The long-awaited conclusion to Square Enix’s Disney mash-up series has been a long time coming, but how long will it last? Even as anticipation reaches a fever pitch, fans may wonder how many hours they can expect to put into this charming Disney showpiece.

Based on our reviewer’s time with the game, Kingdom Hearts 3 lasts roughly 30-35 hours for the main story quest. Besides that, though, it has loads of side-content that can make the game last significantly longer for those who want to fully explore all it has to offer.

“Many of the worlds offer extra gameplay activities to engage with after the story within them is wrapped up,” critic Tamoor Hussain wrote in GameSpot’s Kingdom Hearts 3 review. “Toy Box puts you in a Final Fantasy XV parody where you’re in a mech destroying enemies and chasing high scores. Traverse Town has a cooking mini-game which involves collecting ingredients from across the worlds and then bringing them to Ratatouille’s Remy to make meals. Pirates of the Caribbean lets you sail the open sea in search of treasure and do battle with enemy ships, or defend Port Royale in a wave-based mini-game. The amount of gameplay variety in Kingdom Hearts 3 is impressive, and although the extras may be short-term distractions, for those who want to spend more time in their favourite worlds, they’re a fun reason to make the return trip.”

As the resolution of a huge franchise, Square Enix leaned hard into setting up the story in its final trailer for the game. Some of the story is still being saved for after launch, though, as the studio is releasing two special epilogue cutscenes post-launch, to avoid spoilers circulating online. If you need a hand recalling the story so far, we have a recap to catch you up to speed.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming on January 29, 2019. That means there’s still time to pre-order if you so choose, so check out our pre-order guide for more info.

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